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Communication Disorders

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Augustana College offers an undergraduate pre-professional program for individuals wishing to pursue a graduate degree in speech language pathology or audiology.  The major provides a foundation in normal development, speech and hearing science, and communication processes.  Academic course work exposes students to the field of communication disorders.   Supervised clinical practicum experiences allow students to explore a variety of healthcare and educational environments.

To complete the undergraduate major, students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of required course work including:

SPED 170 2 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SPED 201 3 Language Development
SPED 221 3 Introduction to Audiology
SPED 222 3 Phonetics
SPED 224 3 Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation
SPED 228 3 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Processes
SPED 272 3 Articulation Disorders
SPED 274 2 Speech Science I
SPED 275 2 Speech Science II
SPED 288 1 Practicum
SPED 372 2 Voice and Fluency Disorders
SPED 376 3 Language Disorders
SPED 338 3 Language Assessment of Communication Disorders
SPED 488 3 Advanced Clinical Practicum: Communication Disorders


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