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Education of the Deaf  and Hard of Hearing Program

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Augustana College prepares students to work in a variety of settings with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Augustana is accredited by the Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED). Students are eligible for CED provisional certification upon successful completion of the requirements of 1) the major, and 2) certification. Students must major in an area of regular education, either Elementary or Secondary Education which includes a content area in addition to education in the deaf and hard of hearing.  Students seeking the CED provisional certificate must meet the entrance and exit requirements for teacher education.  Upon completion of the program leading to certification, students will be certified in education of the deaf and in their field of regular education.  Typically, it takes students four and one half to five years to complete this duel certification program. The major consists of  the following requirements:

SPED 201 3 Language Development
SPED 210 2 Working with Families
SPED 220 3 Foundations in Deafness
SPED 221 3 Introduction to Audiology
SPED 224 3 Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation
SPED 226 3 American Sign Language I
SPED 227 3 American Sign Language II
SPED 274 2 Speech Science I
SPED 287 3 Practicum - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
SPED 315 3 Classroom Behavior & Management
SPED 321 5 Language and Literacy Development for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
SPED 326 2 Manually Coded English
SPED 327 3 Media & Instructional Technology for the Hearing Impaired
SPED 331 3 American Sign Language III
SPED 332 3 American Sign Language IV
SPED 333 2 Manually Coded English

Student Teaching and Requirements for CED Provisional Certification:

SPED 110 3 Equality, Exceptionality, and Excellence 
SPED 320 3 Consultation, Collaboration and Communication
SPED 323 3 Curriculum and Instruction for Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
SPED 487  Student Teaching:  Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDUC 245 3 Educational Psychology and Measurement
EDUC 355 3 Human Relations in Education
NAST 304 or 
320 or 
3 Native American Perspectives, or 
Native American Social Systems, or 
Plains Indian Religion

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